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Carlos Gomez – Also, I’m sorry, Carlos – (an illustration with a few introductions)

Today's game happened to coincide with the distribution of Carlos Gomez collectible bobbleheads -and I'd have to think that would be one of the best ones to ever have-  and convenient because getting them via mail would be expensive and would not include seeing a game while you are trying to make sure your soda doesn't tip over and and a coat or something hadn't completely slipped out diagonally through one of the back corners of your onto the ground while being conscious of people having to get up and get past you while making sure you haven't dropped other things, and then wondering why you got a game program if you did, if you had too many other things…

Or, I'm basically speaking for myself, here. There isn't much room to have any of these various items and I can't ever eat anything at games, or avoid getting a program from somewhere when I didn't want one, or avoid getting a large caffeinated beverage. Everything is a distraction. I've also never been to a game that coincided with a bobblehead promotion, and the thought of it makes me nervous because there'd be no room.

– – – – –

Back to the Carlos Gomez bobblehead event. There was no way a comment from the Brewers CF delivered via the broadcast team, or in a game preview or one of the extra game notes wasn't going to be about how he'd wanted to have a bat and maybe be swinging. And then he hits a home run, and his swing is really tough for me to figure out how to fit into a complete thought into fewer than 8 frames. Plus, I'd had the drawing actually prepared after the game Saturday night, and couldn't get the swing drawn, today. Sorry Carlos/thanks for being excellent in other aspects of the game. It saved me having to include Super Mario Bros. clouds.

(drawing & list of owed items

-J. Lemont )

Additional Notes: (The Carlos Gomez in the background is from early 2012).