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Catching Logjam Solved — For Now
MLB: Mets vs Brewers SEP 3

We’ve been wondering for awhile how the Brewers were going to handle their sticky catching situation.  With both Angel Salome and Jonathan Lucroy poised to hit the majors sometime in the next year or two, both had a claim to the starting job in Nashville.  Salome was there last year and did okay, but probably not as well as many expected considering his performance in Huntsville.  Lucroy put up some very good numbers in Huntsville last year and impressed everyone in the Arizona Fall League — so much so that there was talk of him making the Double A-to-Majors leap this year.

Well, now we know the fates of Salome and Lucroy.  For now, Salome will return as the starter in Nashville.  Lucroy will return to Huntsville, according to Tom Haudricourt.

It’s not an ideal situation — especially for those of us that like Lucroy more than Salome — but thankfully, Lucroy seems to be taking it in stride.  Another interesting note from Haudricourt’s report: even though Salome will be playing at the higher level, he may not be the first catcher called up if there’s a need for a replacement at the major league level.  Doug Melvin apparently told Lucroy there’s still a chance he could be promoted directly from Huntsville.

Things are still a bit sticky, because neither Salome nor Lucroy really has anything left to prove at the Double A level, but more harm than good would result from cramming them both on the Triple A roster.  At least this way they both get to play every day, but I’m still not convinced both will be in the organization by the end of the year, especially if one hits enough to make the other expendable.

Gregg Zaun has been red-hot this spring, but being realistic, the Brewers will probably be lucky to get 100 quality games out of him.  If George Kottaras struggles in the back-up role, we could be seeing Salome or Lucroy long before September.