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Cecil Fielder talks to Prince, thinks he’s going to D.C.

Chances are if you know about Prince Fielder, you know about his strained relationship between him and his dad, Cecil. The two have been estranged for years, so when you hear the two recently spoke, it’s kind of a big deal.

Cecil Fielder was recently on MLB Network radio (h/t to Jim Goulart), and while discussing his son’s future, dropped a bit of a bombshell. I transcribed the clip below, but you can listen to it yourself, too. I’m not a listener of MLB Network radio, so I can’t tell you who the Nationals shill is, but here’s what was said, verbatim:

Host: Do you have a preference, or when you look at some of the teams Prince is talking to, is there a team you think would be best for him?

Cecil: Well you know we had a little conversation, uh…Christmas Eve, matter of fact, and we really didn’t talk about it, but you know, it’s just…you know, it’s a happy time for him right now. I mean, he’s a kid in a candy store. I mean, he’s gonna…everything’s gonna work out. I mean, he’s gonna go to a team that really wants him to be there… I very upset that he’s not staying in Milwaukee, because you know, he started his career there, and he’s had some great seasons. You know, you build some relationships, you know him and Ryan Braun and some of the other guys that are there.

I mean now we’re in a position where he’s a free agent he’s going to command an exorbitant amount of money, you know there’s no way that Milwaukee can compete, so it’s kind of a bittersweet situation for him because you know, I think he really enjoyed his time in Milwaukee. But again, you know, this is a beast…baseball’s a beast when it comes to free agency and the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger.

Host: So all that that’s been reported in the media and everything, you guys actually had a chance to talk on Christmas Eve?

Cecil: Yeah, I mean my son and I are going to be alright, man. I mean, that’s just…time kinda helps everything kinda mend… and I mean you know, he was really disappointed about me and his mother being divorced and all that kind of stuff, but again… at the end of the day, my son has a family, he has a wife, he has kids, and he’s going to understand that hey, being married isn’t just being married. It’s a job, too, and sometimes in jobs you get fired, so… Again, you just gotta kinda roll with the punches, and I think he’s getting a little older and getting a little bit better understanding of man and woman and husband and wife and I think we’re gonna be okay.

Host: That’s terrific. It’s really good to hear that you guys talked recently, and the next time you talk to him can you tell him to come to Washington? Because I’m here in…

Cecil: I think that’s what’s gonna happen, man… personally, I think that’s going to happen.

Host: Yes! Because I need Prince in D.C.! I need a reason to go watch the Nationals, man. I’m serious, I need him to come to D.C. This would be a great place for him, too… you ever hang out in D.C. for a little while?

Cecil: Oh yeah, I’ve been to D.C. Matter of fact, you know, during the strike we hung out a lot up there, so again… I’ve been to D.C. and I like D.C. but I think… you know, that thing’s got to go down pretty quick, spring training is next month, so somebody’s gonna be happy.

I had a few immediate reactions to the clip. First, I mean, you know…where Prince gets his interview tendencies now.

Second, it’s a nice Christmas story that the two were able to touch base during the holidays and seem to be working things out a bit. At the same time, you don’t have to be a cynic to be suspicious of the timing. Cecil still has a lot of debts to pay, and his son is about to be paid more money than most people can even comprehend.

Third, “being married is a job, and sometimes you get fired” is kind of a flippant way to describe the relationship between Cecil and Prince’s mother, considering Cecil gambled away millions of dollars and destroyed the marriage.

It’s good to see that the two may be starting to work out their differences, but it’s pretty clear that Cecil is still far from being a sympathetic figure.