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Christmas 2008 Brewers’ Wish List

Once again, Santa faxed me a list of what members of the Brewers’ family asked for this Christmas:

Doug Melvin–An ace starting pitcher, a closer, and a reserve middle infielder (preferably one that hits left-handed and is not named Craig Counsell)

Mark Attanasio–A lower payroll, a revenue increase of 10%, another playoff run, and five minutes with Hank Steinbrenner’s checkbook

Ben Sheets–Somebody to show some interest in giving him a three-year contract…okay, a two-year contract…hey, how about a nice one-year deal with a player option for 2010?

Prince Fielder–All he wants is that $10 million one-year contract

Bill Hall–A pair of glasses that makes pitches seem half as fast as they really are…especially against righties

Rickie Weeks–Good health…and a whole slew of Southern League pitchers in the NL Central

Corey Hart–To find his first half swing…and for someone to take his second half swing

Ryan Braun–NA

Bob Uecker–A World Series champion before he retires

Bill Schroeder–Announcing lessons

Ken Macha–See Doug Melvin, plus a clubhouse that can get off to a hot start

Don Money–Some hitting to replace Mat Gamel, Alcides Escobar, and Angel Salome after they get called up in June

Brewers’ fans–All of the above