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From One “Athlete” to Another

A good friend of mine once told me what a “great athlete” Marlins catcher Brett Hayes is and as useless as that information is to me, Major League Baseball and Brett Hayes himself, I suppose it bared as much relevance as it could this afternoon.

His grand salami didn’t come cheap as any home run in that park, in that HEAT is somewhat admirable, but thankfully the Brewers kept the inefficient Marlins at bay for yet another dramatic win this afternoon.

The stadium, as empty as it was, was actually occupied by mostly Brewers fans, which isn’t all that strange given our transplant-able location; however that didn’t seem to be the case (as much) in the first two games.

Getting to witness Rickie Weeks’ 100 career HR was also very special, but not as suddenly entertaining as seeing the 5 man infield work so well for Ron… or a #ShrimpAlert for that matter!

Analytically it is great to see the Brewers at a point of consistency from all angles. Though Axford is Axford and the squad “bends” as much as ever, the results have certainly been more favorable thanks to the even contributions –  up and down the lineup and rotation.

I feel as if I haven’t offered up much from a statistical standpoint in my recent efforts, and I suppose that is the price you pay for going to these games in person, where in the short term the intangibles are felt and not just muttered through a surround sound system.

Maybe there’s something to all of that mass-media hoo-ha, but I refuse to be a part of the problem much longer!

Josh Wilson was the difference, though he counter punched the “athlete” Brett Hayes. Go figure.

Finally, with a win tomorrow night the Brewers could reach a 20-9 record since May 9th, which is (already) good enough for the best in the majors since that date.

All of this coming as we approach draft day (tomorrow night) and inch ever so steadily to the inevitable – this year’s trade deadline.