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Crew wins 5th straight.

A 6-4 win over the hapless Nationals. Their 5th straight, 9 out of the last 10. Quickly — to the game notes:
Dave Bush looked a little rocky but ended up posting a Quality Start, and picking up the Win. It looks like he’ll be a solid mid-rotation guy, which is all we really need him to be. Occasionally he’ll show up with dominant stuff, and occasionally he’ll get rocked. In the interim, he’ll have solid games like this a whole lot, and that’s great.
Coco got his 14th Save, but gave up his first ER of the season. Turnbow pitched a scoreless 8th once again.
J.J. Hardy has hit in 18 straight now, collecting another 2 hits tonight. These aren’t cheap hits either — the man doubled and homered and is Slugging an insane .622 right now. He’s got 9 HR.
I’ll never get sick of reading this in the box score:
Prince Fielder (10) 3 run shot to right off Simontacchi, Weeks, Hardy scored.
That’s the way it should happen: Rickie and J.J. fill ’em up, Jiggly Puff clears ’em. That’s the second time in a week that this has happened. I’ll settle for once a week the rest of the season.
In the words of The Immortal Lou Brown, there’s two or three potential all-stars here. Prince and J.J. for sure to start. Maybe Jenkins. Then for our pitchers: Suppan, and Cordero are shoe-ins at this point; Turnbow is a longshot as a setup guy, but not undeserving so far.
Yeah, it’s May 8. No more all-star talk now.
Let’s talk nicknames! I’ve established solid nicknames for the young core of the Crew:
Prince Fielder = Jiggly Puff
Rickie Weeks = Skittles
Corey Hart = Sunglasses
and now
J.J. Hardy = Fish Chicken
Nice. I like. If anyone cares to know, the reason Rickie = Skittles is because I misheard my friend Matt at a Brewer game last year, and for some reason I thought he said, “Why didn’t Skittles score on that?” referring to Rickie. Really, he didn’t say that. Also, he imagined the play that he was referring to. Join me in popularizing these Brewer nicknames, and nominate your own!
P.S. The Cubs just lost — finally.