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Dave Nilsson Thought About a Comeback?

Brewers news has been a little hard to come by lately with the holiday weekend, so we’ll settle for the next best thing: ex-Brewers news.  Former Brewers catcher Dave Nilsson hasn’t played baseball competitively since representing Australia in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, but he’s still involved with the game back in his home country.  He’s managing the Brisbane Bandits of the newly-formed Australian Baseball League, and apparently, he would’ve considered playing if he had been asked.

Full disclosure, Nilsson is probably one of my favorite Brewers of all time.  I think this story is awesome.  Nilsson is 40 and admits he’s nowhere near playing shape, but considering how well he was able to hit in the States — he had a career .284/.356/.461 line before walking away in his prime to play for Australia in the Olympics — he probably would be a solid player in the new league.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be following the Brisbane Bandits from now on.  Surely they’ll be one of the favorites to win it all under the leadership of the Australian Babe Ruth.