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Ding Dong, Jeff Suppan’s Gone

It seemed like this day would never come.  For weeks, it felt like Doug Melvin would do anything to keep Jeff Suppan on the roster, no matter how much it hurt the team.  No spot for him on the Opening Day roster?  Put him on the DL to start the year.  No room for him in the rotation?  Put Manny Parra and Chris Narveson in the bullpen.  Need 40-man roster space for fresh arms and players coming back from injury?  Cut ties with Claudio Vargas and Adam Stern, waive Adam Heether.

The Brewers ran out of ways to hide Suppan, and the time had finally come to give him his release.  The Journal-Sentinel has the figures: the Brewers are eating over $10 million when you factor in salary still owed and the buyout for his 2011 option.  Seems like a big price to pay someone to go away, but they were going to pay that money, anyway.  It’s better to give it to him now and improve your club while you still can.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now, we can celebrate.