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Do Brewers need a LH outfielder?

Together they went 319-for-1219, for a .261 BA. 


One went 125-440, .284/.333/.561 with 28 HR’s and 77 RBI’s…

Another went 77-334, .231/.309/.452 with 18 HR’s and 54 RBI’s…

The last went 117-445, .263/.291/.454 with 14 HR’s and 69 RBI’s…


Who am I talking about?  These are the Brewers’ starting outfielders’ from last year–right-handed hitters all–against right-handed pitching.

The first set of stats belong to Ryan Braun; the second, to Mike Cameron; the last to Corey Hart.

While none are outstanding, none are horrendous either.  Cameron’s low BA versus righties bodes well for a left-handed centerfielder–either Tony Gwynn, Jr. or Chris Duffy–for making the team.

I admit my initial objective for looking at these figures was to see if the Brewers needed a better left-handed hitting option off the bench to use against the plethora of right relievers in the NL Central…but, looking at these numbers, there doesn’t seem to be much of a need.

Still, if the Brewers could somehow find a way to afford Garret Anderson….