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Encouraging Words from Fielder
MLB: Phillies vs Brewers OCT 4

While we all worry that this may be Prince Fielder’s last season in Milwaukee, it looks like the Hefty Lefty isn’t worrying too much.  Looking at his comments on Adam McCalvy’s On Deck live blog, there are actually quite a few encouraging comments from him about his contract status.

On Scott Boras’ reputation of playing hardball:

“In the end, it’s my decision,” Fielder said. “But as my agent, he’s going to make sure that I have the most information possible about what’s going to benefit me and my family. That’s what it’s about first. My family has to be happy, and then I go from there.

“There’s no urgency right now as far as that.”

On being loyal to the team that took a chance on him in the draft, when so many other clubs were scared off by his weight:

“I came up here and I love it here,” he said. “My thing is I want to stay here as long as possible. For now, I’m here for two more years anyway. All that other stuff, hopefully, will work out.”


It’s nice to see that Fielder is open to staying with the Brewers, but let’s remember that CC Sabathia said that he had the most fun in his career in Milwaukee and wanted to stay.  It’s one thing to say things like this at fan festivals.  It’s another thing to say you want to stay after you see teams like the Yankees are stacking piles of cash in front of you.

I’ll remain optimistic about the Brewers getting another two- or three-year deal done with Fielder to prolong their current window, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that Fielder will be playing the bulk of his career with the Brewers.