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Fielder on Fans’ World Series Dreams

Prince Fielder was on WSSP 1250 on Monday night for a rare interview, and touched on a variety of topics, including his remote-controlled toilet (TMI, brother) and his offseason routine (there really isn’t one). You can listen to the whole 10-minute interview online, but there were really only a few interesting sound bites, which I did my best to transcribe below. As most of you probably know, it can be hard at times trying to figure out what he’s saying between all the “you knows,” so I tried to clean it up a little.

Tthe hosts asked about fan expectations for the 2011 team, and whether or not dreams of the World Series are reasonable. To his credit, he seems to realize that the pressure will be on, but says the players can’t think about it.

“Well yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything different from the fans. You’re supposed to have that thought, especially now with all the moves we made as a team. You know, definitely I could see for the fans…seeing that for our future. But as far as us, I think we just have to focus on getting ready for the season and playing that out first. I don’t like getting too far ahead because that’s just too far. The season’s too long for that, and it can mess up your state of mind if you look too far ahead.”

And, of course, would he consider signing a two-year deal this winter that would buy out a year of free agency and have him in a Brewers uniform for (at least) 2012?

“I’m going to see what I can do this year and after that, we’ll see what happens.”

Boras has trained you well, young Prince.