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Foreshadow, part two

Well, if anyone is paying attention (Bueller…Bueller…Bueller), my post entitled “Foreshadow” got deleted…by me, accidentally. Perhaps it was a higher power telling me, “Dave, it wasn’t that good.” Nonetheless, I tried to Google it and discovered there were no remnants of it left in cyberspace. I did, however, come across another Brewers’ blog that (a) I had never seen before and (b) made some surprising (to me, anyway) revelations about the Brewers’ opening day roster: Four Blocks to Miller Park, which would be Bluemound Road or so, noted that Gord Ash had implied that:
* Ryan Braun would likely make the parent club’s opening day roster;
* Vinny Rotino should as well;
* Gabe Gross and Brady Clark very well might not
My first reaction was…”huh?” Then I thought that this might be some sort of disinformation being spread to keep Cubs’ fans guessing. Anyway, my opinion:
* Braun may very well be close to being major league ready…but then, why are we paying Tony Graffanino all that money to sit on the bench? Yeah, yeah, we want to field the best team possible…but why not play Braun every day down in Nashville, and spring him when he’s really ready?
* Rotino makes absolutely no sense…I mean, he’s hitting .200 in frikkin’ Cactus League…and I still remember his “deer in the headlights” stare last September when he fanned during his first MLB at bat.
* Gross getting sent down? The only rationale are (a) we need to make room for another infielder, say Braun, and (b) because we overspent on so many other reserve OF’s already.
* Clark’s release…makes sense.
But let’s see what happens over the next few weeks.
David Hannes
Copyright 2007