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Former Brewer Mike Myers is available…

The Yankees designated Mike Myers (no, not the character from “Halloween” or the “Wayne’s World” actor) for assignment…should the Brewers’ add him to the 25-man? First, we’d have to send someone down…and Carlos Villanueva has been horrible the last several times out, so that is easy. Second, if we could send Elmer Dessens to the Yankees, or have another team claim him, that would alleviate any payroll concerns. So is Myers worthwhile? His overall ERA is 2.66 on the year, but he’s a reliever, and that is not the best measure. More relevant, IMHO, is his WHIP and K/9–and his 1.33 WHIP and 4.65 K/9 are nothing to write home about. More problematic: his ERA at Yankee Stadium is a miniscule 0.67, while outside of the Bronx, it is a whopping 6.43, including one homer allowed every 4.67 innings. Bottom line: Please, Doug, don’t bring him back.