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Fox Sports Wisconsin Back on Dish Network

Cablevision might still be fighting with FOX in New York, but at least Dish Network subscribers across the country will get FOX’s regional sports networks back.

Admittedly, I’m only posting this for selfish reasons.  As a Dish subscriber, I was without Fox Sports Wisconsin for the past month — something I only realized when I went to go watch the Brewers’ final series of the season in Cincinnati.  While this luckily happened in a “down” month for Fox Sports Wisconsin — Dish customers like myself were only shorted out of a few Brewers games and the Bucks’ season opener — it’s always irritating when these disputes happen. 

Both sides set up support pages where you can “voice your displeasure” with the other side (GetWhatIPaidFor.com, for example, was FOX’s propaganda site), although viewers are probably kidding themselves if they think either side really cares what they think.  Generally, people have the same response to network disputes in TV as they do when it comes to labor disputes in sports: “I don’t care, you’re both ticking me off, just give me the entertainment.”

It’s probably a good thing they reached a deal when they did, otherwise Dish customers would’ve lost FOX altogether on November 1st.  Take away the Bucks and a few Brewers games, and you have a handful of disgruntled customers.

Take away the Packers from subscribers in Wisconsin?  May God have mercy on your soul.  No wonder a deal got done.