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Gallardo Does Not Owe Me an Apology for DUI Arrest

(Photo: FOX6Now.com)

On Tuesday, following his arrest for drunk driving, Yovani Gallardo briefly spoke to the media.  He admitted he made a mistake, and that it was something he shouldn’t have done.  Gallardo even went so far as to apologize to me – in the sense that he said he was sorry to Brewers fans and everyone else in the city, which obviously includes me.

Gallardo’s exact words were:

“I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of respect from a lot of fans, but I just want to apologize. I apologize to the fans, to my teammates, my family. […]

“Like I said, I just want to apologize to the whole organization and all the people in Milwaukee for my actions. It’s not very easy. It’s one of those things — I truly am sorry. I’m going to make sure something like this never happens again. Whatever circumstances, consequences, whatever I have to do so this won’t happen again, I’m going to do it.”

Since Gallardo was so thoughtful to apologize to me – and I have no reason to think he wasn’t sincere – I’m going to let him off the hook.

Yo – I can call you, Yo, right? – you don’t owe me anything.  You’re certainly not the first Wisconsin resident to drive when you had too much to drink.  According to those ads with Aaron Rodgers and that one lawyer, Wisconsin has the highest drunk driving rate in the nation.  So even if it was a bad judgment call, it was one of the more common bad judgment calls made around these parts.

If anyone loses respect for you for making a mistake, they’re being obtuse.  We all make mistakes, and it sounds like you’ve learned from the experience and are willing to be held accountable.  I respect that a lot more than I’d respect anyone who would criticize you.  Maybe it’s because when I grew up Charles Barkley went on TV and said he wasn’t a role model, but I don’t see any reason to hold you to an unreasonable standard.  You might owe your family an apology, and maybe even your employer, but as far as you and me – we’re cool.

Now about that 6.61 earned run average… you don’t owe me an apology for that either, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.