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Game 11: Simply Pathetic


W: Livan Hernandez (2-0)
L: Randy Wolf (1-1)

WAS HR: Justin Maxwell (1)
MIL HR: None

The Brewers are now 4-7, guaranteed of their third consecutive series loss.  Many of those losses could be attributed to poor pitching, whether it’s been by the starter (Doug Davis) or the bullpen (Trevor Hoffman, LaTroy Hawkins).  Today was a different story.

Yes, Randy Wolf gave up 4 runs in 5 innings of work, but you could make an argument that he could have escaped with only one earned run (Craig Counsell misplayed a would-be inning-ending double play in the 2nd before any runs scored, but no error was given — you can’t assume the DP).  Wolf wasn’t the reason why the Brewers lost this game.

This one falls on the shoulders of the offense.  There’s absolutely no excuse for the Brewers, supposedly one of the better offenses in the National League, to be shut out by Livan freaking Hernandez (let alone only managing 4 hits in 9 innings against him).  The Brewers’ approach at the plate was pathetic for much of the afternoon — Hernandez only threw 12 more pitches than Wolf despite throwing 4 more innings, and only walked two batters. 

Those two walks came from Corey Hart (hitting 7th) and George Kottaras (hitting 8th).  The top 5 hitters in the lineup went a combined 2-for-20 and accounted for all of Hernadnez’s 3 strikeouts. Ryan Braun only saw 12 pitches in his 4 at-bats.  Prince Fielder only saw 10 pitches in his 4 at-bats, and that includes a strikeout. 

Just for a point of comparison, Ryan Zimmerman saw more pitches this afternoon (23) than Braun and Fielder saw combined.

Overall, it was just a pathetic performance.  Hey, at least it only lasted 2.5 hours.  It’ll be up to Davis to prevent a sweep tomorrow when he faces Jason Marquis.