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Game 16: They Weren’t Saying “Soooooup”


W: Ryan Dempster (2-0)
L: Jeff Suppan (0-1)

CHC HR: Kosuke Fukudome (2)
MIL HR: None

There’s really no way to understate how bad Jeff Suppan is now.

The first time he faced the Cubs this year, the Brewers got lucky and managed to get him out of the game before he could do too much damage, all while outscoring the Cubs.  This time, they weren’t so lucky — Ryan Dempster shut down an offense that scored 20 runs just a day ago, and Suppan was drilled for 6 runs (5 earned) on 10 hits in 4.1 innings.

You knew things were going to be bad when the first pitch of the game was driven into the gap by Ryan Freaking Theriot.  Kosuke Fukudome followed with another double to drive in the game’s first run, and realistically, the game was over from that point on.

By the 5th inning, the Brewers had a win expectency of just 9%.  Maybe this is how Pirate fans felt on Thursday.

It’s just incredibly frustrating to watch this team trot out Suppan when there are at least two better options on the big league roster, and likely a couple more sitting in Nashville.  Manny Parra pitched an impressive two innings tonight and has yet to give up a run this season.  Chris Narveson certainly couldn’t do any worse.  And yet Ken Macha and Doug Melvin decide to keep Suppan in the rotation despite the fact that they’re obviously a worse team because of it.

I’m not usually one for fans booing their own players, but when it comes to Jeff Suppan it seems like there’s only one thing we can do…