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Game 42 Thoughts: Gomez and Showboating in Blowouts

I tried to find a clip of a quote from one of America’s great philosophers, Homer J. Simpson — “Yeah Moe that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I’ve seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!” — but couldn’t find it.  Stupid copyright laws.

The only two Brewers highlights of the night came well after the game was decided.  Jonathan Lucroy picked up career hit #1 on a single down the line in his first career at-bat, while Carlos Gomez got a bit of revenge against the team that traded him away this winter, crushing a 3-run homer in the 8th to avoid the shutout.

Gomez took his sweet time admiring his shot, flipping the bat in front of Joe Mauer and getting an earful from Nick Blackburn on his way to first base.  Wezen-Ball unofficially has the Tater Trot at 24.79 seconds, which was “ridiculously cocky.”  Gomez apparently knows he’s going to get drilled tomorrow, and apologized profusely after the game.

Needless to say, reaction in the Twitterverse wasn’t exactly kind:

“if i were a brewers player; i’d punch Carlos Gomez for posing on that HR. the team is still down 12 runs #whatatool” — iyellyahtzee

“Prediction for #Twins on Sat: Carlos Gomez HBP after he took his time admiring his meaningless HR late in tonight’s blowout. #WatchYourHead” — jclong

“Way to drop your bat and admire that home run when you’re down 15 runs, Carlos Gomez. Idiot.” — zsundelius

“Um… memo to Carlos Gomez: Down 15-0 is the wrong time to Cadillac a homer. I fear that somebody’s getting plunked.#Brewers” — howiemag

Was it a poor decision to hot dog it down the line in a 15-run game?  Sure.  Would it drive me nuts if I was seeing it from the other side?  Probably — I personally can’t stand it when I see it from Albert Pujols or Aramis Ramirez.  But with everything this team has gone through lately, with no one on the field really looking like the losing is getting to them, it was nice to see some kind of emotion on the field.  You could tell that homer felt good for Gomez.  He wanted to tag the team that traded him for a bomb.  Even if it was in a blowout, it was nice to see a Brewer celebrate something.

I fully expect him to get hit by a pitch tomorrow, and I don’t mind.  I hope he doesn’t get hurt, and then goes on to steal second base, because intentionally hitting batters — especially fast ones — is just a stupid idea.  Yovani Gallado goes tomorrow in what’s probably the Brewers’ best chance to get a win this series.

FanGraphs Win Probability

W:Nick Blackburn (5-1)
L: Dave Bush (1-5)

MIN HR: None
MIL HR: Carlos Gomez (3)