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GM Doug Melvin: Maybe he did the right thing…for Gwynn

The more I read about Tony Gwynn, Jr. and his return to his home town of San Diego to join his father’s team, the more I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin realized that Tony Gwynn, Jr. would be happier and more productive playing under the guidance of his father, Tony Gwynn.

This begs the question, of course, do GM’s have a heart?  Well, they are human…at least more so than Scott Boras and many of the players’ agents.  Actually, what I mean is, agents (and most might add the MLBPA) try to get players to go to the team that will pay them the most…not necessarily where they might enjoy playing.  Some players have bucked the trend, opting to finish their career where they started (Willie Mays, Henry Aaron), or for their home town team (Craig Counsell, Ken Griffey, Jr.), or just nix a trade because they can and want to (Jake Peavy).  Perhaps Doug Melvin realized that Tony Gwynn, Jr. would get that extra spark playing where he grew up with his father watching him…he even tried to make that happen back in March when setting the 25-man roster and exposing Gwynn to waivers…only the Padres didn’t have room or a need for him at that time.  Gwynn did his duty and got his numbers up within the Brewers’ organization…and got the trade that made him happy–not only to San Diego, but for a regular spot on an MLB roster.

Maybe under that gruff demeanor of being a tough negotiator and decider of player’s fates is someone that understands that the game is still played by humans.