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Gomez or Yuni

In this short time that I have been contributing to The Brewers Bar I have been exposed to the intelligence and passion of the Milwaukee faithful just as I have seen how frustrated one can get with the everyday stylings of  SS Yuniesky Betancourt  and OF Carlos Gomez alike.

My question is, if you were on a sinking ship and could only afford to save one of those aforementioned everyday players, who would it be? Or, more simply stated, who do you like better as a starter on this club?

For starters, both bats play about the same at their respective positions, and where Yuniesky’s day dream extra base “power” is an asset, so is Gomez’s speed; which is of course coupled with that high strikeout/no power/on-base deficiency trifecta.

Defensively no doubt the edge goes to Carlos, where he actually is a top tier CF in that regard. Yunieksy, an obvious minus though marginally improved from his Seattle days (or so we hope).

By most standards, it’s an overall push, so indeed, I would love some feedback as I need to know what my sign will say when I see them in Florida come early June.

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