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Great Moments in Overreaction: Nyjer Morgan

In the 7th inning of Friday night’s game between the Brewers and Giants, Nyjer Morgan made a running catch, robbing the Giants of extra bases. After making the catch, Morgan turned to the outfield bleachers and started talking to the fans that had heckled him throughout the game. He then threw up a gesture that some thought was the middle finger, but another angle shows that Morgan had his index and pinky fingers extended — probably signaling “two outs,” and not “fornicate yourself.”

Of course, Twitter exploded over what happened to be nothing, but that’s what makes Twitter great: unfiltered, instant feedback, even if everyone is wrong at first. A small selection of some of the overreactions, since Twitter’s search is being wonky:

BaseballTomB: I have to put the keyboard down. Morgan still has me fired up. But that is the Brewers game since they have never won anything. #SFGiants

heimy25: What I can take from this game so far? Nyjer Morgan is a classless, unprofessional man.

MUrbanCSN: I think Nyjer Morgan might have just wrested the “Most Hated Brewer” title from Prince Fielder for fans. What a bonehead.

MsDotKris: Nyjer Morgan just flipped our section off. So according to rules he should really be escorted out. With a fine even. A hefty one.

mrcardenas: Nyjer Morgan you’re the kind of guy the Bay Area is not proud of for being from here. Terrible Sportsmanship. Good thing you’re not a Giant.

MTLJosh: Nyjer Morgan

ryankeelan: Nyjer Morgan needs to be taken out of the mlb

rodhamlin: Nyjer Morgan – the next Milton Bradley.

jameseguthrie: Not many athlete names elicit an immediate “oh no…” just from seeing them trending. But Nyjer Morgan is definitely one.

Morgan apparently appeared on the Giants’ postgame show. If anyone has any updates on what he had to say, please do share. I imagine it’s good.