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Great Moments in Overreaction
MLB: Brewers vs Rockies APR 05

When Yovani Gallardo struggled in his first start after signing a 5-year, $30.1 million contract extension, you knew there’d be plenty of fallout from some fans.  You know the type — the ones constantly grumbling about how much everyone is making, constantly expecting perfection from the team’s highest paid players — the type that spent most of Ben Sheets’ last years in Milwaukee complaining about how much he stinks.

Well, they were out in full force after Gallardo’s outing today, so I thought aside from pointing you towards the dregs of Brewer fandom that is the JSOnline comments section, I’d find some of my favorite tweets on Gallardo that were made this afternoon:

“Gallardo” is apparently Spanish for “no command whatsoever.”tjohns7

Yovani Gallardo is the Brewers ace?? Really? Are you suuuure? Completely sure??alsephus

Gallardo is pitching well? Looks like $15 million per loss. And he’s your ace? #cardinals v #brewersMUCHOHUEVOS

Brewers lose 7-1 behind Yovani Gallardo. Guess all that money he just got made him forget how to pitch.peteopolis

Gallardo is the worst pitcher. Ever.BGusho

Way to earn that money Gallardo! Fabulous! went from a strike away from winning game 1 to losing the series (probably) in 24 hrs. #BrewersWSRanter

Just proof that some fans will never be satisfied, and will always find something to complain about.  Of course, they probably don’t remember that last season, Gallardo allowed 3 runs in his first start and 7 runs in his second start.  This year, he allowed 3 in his first and 6 in his second.  Seems to me he’s just developing a trend of slow starts, and that’s completely ignoring the fact that he’s faced two of the best offenses in the National League in his first two starts.

Gallardo will be fine, people.  He’s not the kind of guy to get complacent with money.  He’s not a washed up veteran past his prime.  I know I posted the other day about how I’m not thrilled about the money being guaranteed to him with this extension, but it’s not because I worry about his performance.