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Halfway through Cactus League…

15 games down…15 to go (in Arizona, anyway).
The Brewers’ hit the halfway point of Cactus League with a 6-9 (.400) record…while most would say the mark is meaningless (due to split squad games, multiple replacements, etc…), skipper Ned Yost might be at least a little concerned. While the offense has been phenomenal (at least 4 of the Opening Day starters’ have OBP’s over .400), concerns over pitching include:
1. Ben Sheets’ pathetic 4 K’s over 10.0 IP…versus 3 BB’s
2. Claudio Vargas’ pathetic 7 ER’s over 7.7 IP
3. Jeff Suppan’s 0 K’s over 6.0 IP…and 6 ER for a 9.00 ERA
4. Matt Wise’s 8 ER’s over 4.7 IP
Sure, the sample sizes are low…and the pitchers are just starting to find their groove. But, thus far, some of our top pitchers have struggled a bit. The second half, where pitchers will pitch deeper into each game, should tell us more.
David Hannes
Copyright 2007