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Hall unproven at 3B (was “Hall stunk at 3B in ’06”)

000_0043.jpgBill Hall made 2 errors in 10 starts at 3B in 2006…or the equivalent of 32.40 errors over the course of a season. He also made 17 errors at SS over 126 starts, equivalent to 21.86 errors over 162 games. Uh, where’s the logic that he’ll be better than Ryan Braun at 3B in 2008? Braun had 26 errors over 112 starts as a rookie, equivalent to 37.60 over the course of a season. Braun will likely improve upon that number as he gets more experience there…Hall will have to get reacclimated to the infield, and could do even worse at third than in ’06. C’mon, Neddie, tell Doug to “Just Move Bill” to another OF spot.