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Happy 76th, Ueck

Bob Uecker turns 76 years old today. 2010 was an eventful year for the face of Brewers baseball — some of it was good (being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, for example), and some of it was bad (having to go in for a pair of heart surgeries and missing a chunk of the season while recovering). If anything, the past year has reminded us that there are more important things than baseball, and taught us to appreciate Ueck even more than we have in the past.

So here’s to a healthy 76th year, and hopefully the Brewers can give him another chance to call playoff baseball. Here are some of my favorite Uecker quotes from the 2010 season:

After a lengthy singing of the national anthem in Cincinnati: “And our final score tonight, Brewers 6, Reds 5. Wow. It didn’t take Francis Scott Key that long to write it.”

During a 20-0 drubbing of the Pirates: “What did you do today?”· “Went to the Pirates game.”· “Oh man…”

“We see some movement in the Pirates bullpen. Pitchers are jumping over the fence heading home.”

“Some of the fans are making their way over the bridge into downtown Pittsburgh. Some of the fans are jumping over the bridge into the water.”

During a Spring Training game against the Giants: “What’s the attendance today? Not that I really care, but we need to fill some air.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Uecker tribute without a Major League clip: