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Haudricort’s Top 10 Questions

JSOnline.com’s Tom Haudricourt posted his top ten list of questions on Saturday, about the time I got to my numbers 7 & 8…I thought I’d make my readers aware of his right away in my desire for full disclosure (I actually already have my topics ordered, just not written out like Haudricourt…but, then again, he gets to spend 40 hours a week on his writings).

Haudricourt ranked them, as follows: http://www.jsonline.com/sports/brewers/39236787.html

So far, my 10th most important question—how will Rickie Weeks do?–was Haudricourt’s 3rd most important question, while my 9th issue–last bullpen spot–was Haudricourt’s 6th biggest worry.  My 8th question–Prince Fielder’s performance–and 7th question–Corey Hart’s ability to bounce back–didn’t even crack Haudricourt’s top ten.

I only glanced at Haudricourt’s headers, and didn’t read his analyses, so as to not to incorporate any of his ideas into mine when I actually get a chance to write them…but, as you can see, we’re not anywhere near each other so far…and I don’t expect that to change.