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Hawkins, Farris Go On Charity Shopping Spree

Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up on negatives — who won’t make the roster, who isn’t performing, who would be a bad fit for the Brewers. It’s also too easy to miss the positives, like professional baseball players spending a rare spring day off doing good deeds instead of hitting the driving range.

LaTroy Hawkins and Eric Farris kept themselves busy on Wednesday by heading to an area Toys ‘R’ Us and going on a shopping spree for local kids. The two documented their adventure via Twitter (Hawkins is @adidas219 and Farris is @eRoc86), and judging by the number of carts they filled, there will be many happy faces in Maryvale. Photos are after the jump.

Pics from Hawkins:

Pics from Farris:

Regardless of what they’ll end up doing on the field this year, one thing is for sure — Hawkins and Farris are two very cool and very generous guys. We’re lucky to have them representing the team.