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Hitting rock bottom

The Brewers lost to the Reds 6-3 on Monday night but that wasn’t the story or what is important coming out of that game. In the seventh inning, Prince Fielder shoved starting pitcher Manny Parra twice and Fielder needed to be restrained by six teammates in the process.
Parra wanted to make his way to the clubhouse after being lit up by Cincinnati hitting but Fielder told Parra he should sit there and watch his teammates take their cuts against Reds’ pitching.
Ned Yost said after the game that it was a family issue and would be taken care of in the family. Almost one year ago to the day last year, the Brewers had another eruption in their dugout involving Yost, Johnny Estrada and Tony Graffanino.
Some are saying this is a positive saying the team is finally showing emotion. I tend to disagree. Prince already has taken out one pitcher this season, Yovani Gallardo. Attacking a second in Parra and having a third, Dave Bush, be underneath Prince trying to pull him away from Parra is absolutely rediculous. Prince has always been known for having a temper and the time has come for it to be put in check. I’m sure a fine is forthcoming but unfortunately, a suspension would do more harm the help right now since the team is in a pennant race.
This is the final straw for me with Prince Fielder. I have gone back and forth in regards to my feelings for Fielder this year. He is not the leader of this team. That mantle has been taken by Ryan Braun. This offseason Fielder needs to be moved for the best possible starting pitcher the team can get in return to help offset the losses of Ben Sheets and CC Sabathia.