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Idea to complete the Cameron trade

I hesitate to write this post, on the outside chance that someone in the Yankees’ organization might see it.

Memo to Doug Melvin: Trade Cameron for Melky Cabrera, even up, if you can.

I freely admit that Cameron is a better outfielder today.  But Cameron is nearing Social Security, and is only under contract for one more season…whereas Cabrera only turns 25 next season and–with only three MLB seasons accrued–would be under the Brewers’ control for the next three seasons.

Yes, Cabrera only hit .249/.301/.341/.641 last year; but hit righties to the tune of .265…and .288 as a lead off hitter last year, while his .986 fielding percentage is tolerable.

If Cashman wants to throw in Kei Igawa…take it.  Yes, Igawa is not worth $4 million…but still a gamble worth pursuing.

Worried about Igawa’s contract and want to get an offset?  Then throw in Bill Hall and his $6.8 million due in ’09 and $8.4 million in ’10.  I know, I know…that leaves only one third baseman with experience–Mike Lamb–a lefty.  Guess what?  The Yankees have an extra third baseman–Cody Ransom–wasting away on their 40-man…Ransom is a righty that hit .302 in limited action last year.

There…trade solved: Mike Cameron and Bill Hall for Melky Cabrera, Kei Igawa, and Cody Ransom.