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It was a long and stormy night in Cincinnati…

…for the Brewers and Dave Bush. Bush gave up 6 in the first, then 2 more in the 2nd before getting yanked, in what has to be his and probably the majors’ worst start of the year (yes, even worse than Mike Mussina’s). The 11-4 loss only meant that the Crew didn’t gain ground, as the Cubs and Cards also lost.
Bigger picture–does Doug Melvin keep Bush for next year? Right now, barring injuries or a meltdown, I have to believe that Gallardo, Parra, and Villanueva are going to merit serious consideration to join Sheets and Suppan in the rotation for ’08. Bush has been used in the bullpen with varying degrees of success, but outings like this (and others) where he gets shelled early and often implies that he might not be good enough for short work, either. According to mlb.com’s stats, Bush has a 8.67 ERA in the first inning this year, with 27 IP (in 27 games). He’s averaged exactly 1.00 K/IP in the first…but also 43 hits and 5 walks, for a 1.78 WHIP, and a .383 OBA.
My guess is that Parra will replace him in the rotation if he can get healthy enough before the end of the regular season.