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Jake Odorizzi No-Hitter Video on YouTube

The combined no-hitter thrown by Jake Odorizzi and Adrian Rosario in late August was one of the few bright spots for the Brewers’ organization this summer, but since they play on the Single-A Timber Rattlers, very few people were actually able to see it.  Thankfully, the T-Rats are awesome and put a video of all 27 outs of the no-no on YouTube, condensed down to a nice 6-minute video.

Even though you’re only seeing one pitch at a time, it’s still cool to see Odorizzi in action after reading so much about him.  I was actually impressed with his defense just as much as the pitching.  Watch the video and you’ll see him chase down a popped-up bunt and nearly get a glove on just about every ball hit near him.

I’ve embedded the video below, but do check out the TimberRattlerTV YouTube channel — there’s some cool stuff there worth checking out.