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Jean Segura Promoted to Brew City from Class AA Huntsville

Photo Credit: Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times

Newly acquired shortstop Jean Segura was called up by the Milwaukee Brewers Monday in what’s a bit of a surprise move.  Hopefully shortstop is the position at which Segura will stick in the majors.  Some critics have said he’s more of a second baseman long term, but the Brewers and fans will see what he has at short, starting today.  This move was hastened by the departure of Cesar Izturis, who was claimed off waivers by the Nationals. 

Izturis wasn’t as bad as many people feared, but he wasn’t worthy of making so many starts at shortstop for the Brewers, especially now that the team is officially in try-out mode.  Izturis was batting under .250 and had started nearly 40 games at shortstop in the wake of the Alex Gonzalez injury.  It seemed like just when I’d casually badmouth him, however, he’d go and do something productive and positive on the field, like a week ago on July 30 when he broke an eighth-inning tie with a single.  He would have been all right as a backup infielder, but it was too much to consider him a starter, or even a platoon guy, at this point in his career. 

Segura, 10 years younger than Izturis, will inject some intrigue and life into a batting order that has been hopelessly lame the last few days.  The Brewers scored just four runs in a pathetic series in St. Louis, while scoring nothing at all for the last 17 consecutive innings.  I realize the team is discombobulated and whatnot, but the way they played in St. Louis was just dumb and discouraging.  On Friday they had four errors and it was one of those nights where I felt they deserved errors just to make explicit that they were not playing fundamentally sound baseball.

They played poor, inept baseball all weekend after looking mighty against lowly Houston.  The Crew turned what could’ve been an OK rehashing of the ‘82 Series with the Cardinals into another reminder that whether they wear the ‘82 throwbacks or not, Milwaukee is simply not sound enough to beat the Cardinals most of the time.  I’d wanted to see those powder-blue Milwaukee road jerseys for some time, but I couldn’t even watch Saturday’s drubbing for more than 20 minutes without the fast-forward button.  That’s just sad, when baseball becomes unwatchable day in, day out.  Throw the fans a bone once in a while and win because you simply out-execute the other team!  I’m sure Cardinals fans had a lot of fun at Milwaukee’s expense this weekend, as per usual.

I like this move for Segura because: why not?  They should make the next two months open auditions because if they plan on doing anything remotely considered contending in 2013, they’ll need to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on by spring training in Arizona.  They can’t try to figure it out in April of next year.  If they can move some of these other guys out who aren’t in the picture for next year (Wolf, K-Rod, Marcum, Ransom, Loe, Veras, whoever it may be), the closer they’ll be to literally seeing what the future holds, rather than just guessing.  Keep the moves coming, Doug.  The Brewers need to keep the fans entertained and engrossed.  Those millions of fans who back this Milwaukee organization and desperately want to see it do well are a tad restless right about now.