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Just Hurry Up, Already – My Offseason Theme Song Offering! [TheBrewersBar-0010]

Title is self-explanatory, pretty much. Here's the track, which should illustrate the off-season experience. It isn't terrible, but just unsettling. Hopefully, the next theme song will be about an actual player. Not a lot of success, thus far. This was actually meant to be a Carlos Gomez theme, and I've tried several times. Just not enough energy, so I focused instead on the topic mentioned in the title / abandoned it as an idea for Gomez around the time the 3rd drum set part was completed. I think a pattern more specific to the Dominican Republic will work better, and I've been researching some of the music. This was a long explanation, so forget what was said in the opening statement! (Argh)

(artwork – Mtn. Dew can backdrop for Dew Deck)

Music: a vampish thing recorded earlier in the evening/combined with awful-ish cello samples.