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Just Retribution for All Drug Cheats

Just this evening I saw on ESPN News a report that said Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has yet to hear from his old pal Ryan Braun since the latter was suspended by MLB. One of the reporters surprisingly praised Braun to the tune of something like 'Braun is starting to do things better now', presumably referring to Braun's apology statement. The reporter also mentioned Braun's cold-calling apology campaign to season-ticket holders, and the ESPN turd found reason to take a shot at Brewers fans, saying Braun should have time to call Aaron Rodgers because it couldn't have taken Braun long to call 'all 15 Brewers season-ticket holders'. Hardy har har, random ESPN talking head. Get bent.

Anyway, what I mean to say very bluntly is that while I expect a lot more from Ryan Braun in his perhaps impossible task repairing relations with the Brewers and their fans, I most certainly require apologies, admissions of guilt, expressions of remorse and earnest words and acts from all these other MLB players who were suspended via the Biogenesis debacle as well. So far we've heard little in that regard other than brief statements from players and there seems more talk about whether Jhonny Peralta or Nelson Cruz may yet play this season. A-Rod? Well he's just being a stubborn old sourpuss who refuses to accept the fact that most baseball fans now wish he'd simply disappear. A-Rod appears neither sorry nor particularly troubled by his position.

Braun lied, yes. But his name was leaked to the media long ago when it shouldn't have been and who knows if Jesus Montero, Everth Cabrera or Francisco Cervelli wouldn't have denied it too? At least temporarily, a liar will often try to represent a different lie as the truth. Braun fucked up beyond belief and he and A-Rod are the big fish in this sickly pond but I was hoping to see more scrutiny of Peralta and Cruz at least, who could have impacts on the 2013 postseason. I'm not surprised the Rangers are eyeing Cruz but I'd hoped Peralta would be cut loose by the Tigers, simply to see another degree of fallout from Biogenesis. Maybe Braun is being held to a high standard as far as time needed spent in 'the hole', the phantom zone of our disapproval. Maybe my expectations have arrived early, before the process has played out. I don't disagree in the slightest that Braun has earned every pulled sponsorship, criticism and rebuke. But these other players messed up too. As a fan of the game, I am still waiting for consequences for all Biogenesis flunkies to have a secondary and lingering effect.