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Let Selig Have His Day
NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Honoree Allan H. 'Bud' Selig attends the Jackie Robinson Foundation Annual Awards Dinner at the The Waldorf Astoria on March 8, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The Jackie Robinson Foundation)

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Brewers, you probably know that today is the day a statue of Bud Selig is being unveiled at Miller Park.  You probably know this because of the confusion and, yes, anger about the event from some national talking heads.



I wrote about this when the statue was originally announced back in February.  Those are commissioner issues.  This statue has nothing to do with Selig’s time as commissioner, and everything to do with the fact that he’s the father of the Milwaukee Brewers.  That’s it.

Without him, the Seattle Pilots don’t find a buyer after their first season.  Without him, we wouldn’t have a Major League team in Wisconsin.  Without him, we’re probably writing about the Twins, White Sox, or Cubs right now.

Like I said in February, for that reason alone, the man deserves to be honored alongside Hank Aaron and Robin Yount.  Do I expect fans from visiting teams to understand that?  Not really.  But fans in Wisconsin will understand it, and really, that’s all that matters.  It’s our ballpark (quite literally, if you live in the Five County area).  If we want to honor Bud Selig, let us.

On that note, check out this “what if” post by Larry Granillo of Wezen-Ball, wondering how history would be different if the Pilots never became the Brewers.  Lar also caught a glimpse of the new statue this past week, although it’s still covered by a bag.