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“Like James Brown!”

Apparently Sheets was pleased with his curve yesterday, and based on the fact that he retired 12 of his final 13 batters, we should feel pretty good about it, too.  Sheeter talked about “figuring it out eventually” and that seems dead on.  He normally has a rough start, and then finishes strong. Opening Day is one example.  Jeff Kent homered in, what, the 2nd inning? Then Sheets rolls until the 9th when he gives up a double to Brady Clark. I barely noticed how well he was doing.  Two mistakes all game.  A few more than that yesterday, but he figured it out, to say the least.
The bigger story is that the Brewers completed the sweep of the Cards today with a 4-0 victory, bringing the series run differential to a ridiculous 23-3. It was the second sweep of the year for the Crew, the first of a series longer than two games.  Only four hits and 8 total baserunners for the Crew, but the hits were timely, as has been the case so often this season.
Quick fixes from today’s win:
Capuano left after three scoreless innings when he was hit in the leg by a ball that turned into the third out of the 3rd inning. He’s day-to-day with a calf contusion, and if his next start is pushed back, that should be the worst of it. Can’t imagine any lingering effects, or that it would keep him out for very long.
Hardy’s 4th inning single extended his streak to 13 games.
Corey Hart finally started.
Yost, stubbornly, continues to put stock in “the hot hand.” After Graffanino’s 3-5 game that included his first HR of the season last night, he got the nod against RH starter Anthony Reyes. Graffy went 0-3 with a run scored today.
Bill Hall stole home. Not sure when the last time was a Brewer did that, but I know Paul Molitor had 10 career steals of home, and he’s one of only five players born this side of 1900 to hit double digits in career steals of home plate; the others are Lou Gehrig, Billy Werber, Jackie Robinson, and Rod Carew — pretty good company. Interesting here is that both Johnny Evers and Joe Tinker of the famous Red Sox Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance double play combination have more that 10 career home plate steals. Amazingly, Babe Ruth also had ten.
Another 6 scoreless from the bullpen. Four from Carlos Villanueva and 2 from Matt Wise.
It’s fun to blog the Brewers!