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Manager Search Coming to a Close?

Mark Attanasio is telling Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY that the Brewers are hoping to make a hire by early next week:

“[GM] Doug Melvin, [assistant GM] Gord Ash and myself will work throughout the weekend,” Attanasio said, “and hope to reach a finalize a decision in the next couple of days. We’re very focused in making the right decision here.”

The headline for Nightengale’s report reads “Milwaukee Brewers hope to hire manager by Monday or Tuesday,” but considering MLB’s general rule of not announcing hires during the World Series, that timeframe is probably assuming the Giants wrap up the Series by winning two of three in Texas.

It’s definitely possible the team makes a decision this weekend and just waits to announce it until the Series is over, but given the amount of leaks this manager search has had despite the club’s best efforts to do everything privately, I wouldn’t count on the news being kept under wraps for very long.

As far as who the hire is going to be, it doesn’t look like anyone knows anything new.  Bobby Valentine’s name keeps coming up as a top candidate, but money is still reportedly a factor the Brewers are discussing internally.