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Melvin’s first signing: A bush-league reliever?

Doug Melvin jumped right into the 2007-2008 free agent market, and signedRandy Choate?
Choate spent most of ’07 in the minors save 2 games for the D-backs. His 2.98 ERA in AAA last year is overshadowed by his career 4.64 ERA in the majors.
Oh, and he’s 32 years old.
On the surface, this signing is relatively risk-free…in the long-term. McCalvy reported that Choate is only going to make $500,000 if on the Brewers’ roster in ’08. But Choate is also the 35th man on the 40-man roster, which could get mighty crowded before the Rule V draft takes place. Choate might pan out…but I sure hope that this signing doesn’t lead to the trade of or–worse yet–the loss of lefty Adam Pettyjohn via Rule 5.