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Michael Hunt’s latest

Journal-Sentinel reporter Michael Hunt made some updated observations on the Brewers’ on Thursday:

...it's comforting to know that four of the sweetest words of the winter - pitchers and catchers report - are just three weeks from happening.

Awkwardness aside from the $7 million rightfielder's benching, Jenkins recently sent an e-mail to general manager Doug Melvin with the word that he is ready and eager to restart his career with the Brewers.

And here's the cruel duality of Ben Sheets: The Brewers really need him to have that first breakout year this season, but if he does, he's as good as gone. Sheets has two years left on his contract, and the Brewers have to look no further than fellow small market-eer Minnesota for comparative purposes.

He also wrote that Brady Clark’s $3.8 million contract was unmovable (I disagree, but it would take some $$ from Mark to pull it off, or else we could trade it for another unmovable contract), and that Corey Koskie still isn’t a certainty for Opening Day…and Ryan Braun could get moved to the outfield…which makes no sense, since we’ve already moved one third-baseman there, and the other true third-baseman on our roster, Koskie, is still injured and likely gone after this season.
Back to the Jenkins’ thoughts…yea! I’m glad that Jenkins’ is coming in with a more positive attitude…and maybe the move back to left will remind him of his former success at the plate when he was in left back in ’03 and ’04.
Plus, kudos to Hunt for stating the unfortunate reality that Sheets may not spend his entire career playing for Milwaukee…but I think it’s a bit premature to say Sheets will be traded if he ever becomes good again. Not only is there the possibility that new owner Mark Attanasio will belly up to the bar, but also that Sheets may recognize that the Brewers are moving towards becoming contenders, and that he’d like to be there to hoist the trophy in Milwaukee…so much so, that he may agree to incentive clauses or, like stable mate Chris Capuano, a hometown discount…but let’s get him healthy and good again first, okay?
David Hannes
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