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Milwaukee Brewers 2013: Into the Void


There is a feeling of unease, of fear and trembling, among some Brewers fans as the team approaches the start of the regular season.  The fog of the unknown surrounds the Brewers.  Youth possesses potential, but isn’t it only likely that potential will be wasted?  Look at the life of an average person.  There’s potential there, but isn’t it really easy to piss that away?  Wasting potential is effortless. 

Sure, the team signed some bullpen guys that appear to be improvements from last year’s bunch, and the daily lineup is pretty solid.  But couldn’t they have done more?  Would you like to see more?  Is it upon us to resign doubts and have faith in the Brewers?

Most pressingly, the starting rotation looks prone to a letdown.  I hope I’m wrong.  I understand the application of the young arms and all that.  You’ve got Yovani Gallardo as a lock for the rotation.  No problem there.  Marco Estrada as a #2 guy: that’s not what I would consider wise but all right, I suppose.  For the sake of reviewing the rotation after that, it would be, in no particular order: Mike Fiers, who deserves a shot to continue starting after last year’s run, then Wily Peralta, who is owed a chance because it’s about time he gets a real one, and Mark Rogers, who’s simply out of options.  Then they have Chris Narveson, who may or may not be ready to contribute again, and who’s also out of options.  I’m starting to really like the presence of Alfredo Figaro, who is a total wildcard, but could provide some innings as a spot starter if needed.  Is that enough?  Could this season of hopeful promise crash and burn by April?  Should we just stop asking questions, tie ourselves to the mast and embrace what ever will come?

Que será, será, tambien.

By the way, I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A on the Brewers’ upcoming season with  Daniel Shoptaw at the Cards blog C70 At The Bat, be sure to check it out.  In hindsight, I think I may have been a tad too optimistic in my projection for the Brewers’ record.  It could be a bumpy 2013, but that’s life, right?  Thanks.