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More 2010 Projections

In the Edwin Jackson/Mat Gamel post yesterday, we took a look at Bill James’ 2010 projections while trying to figure out if the rumored swap would work for both teams. Today, we have a new set of projections to look at — the newest CHONE projections came out, and can be seen here. Among the highlights:

  • Prince Fielder with another 40 HR season, hitting .292/.386/.575 with 41 HR and 113 RBI
  • Ryan Braun with another 30 HR season, hitting .303/.366/.553 with 31 HR and 95 RBI
  • A bit of a bounceback season for Corey Hart, projected to hit .271/.333/.456 with 16 HR and 27 doubles
  • A more pessimistic outlook for Mat Gamel, projected at .253/.326/.415 in 371 AB
  • A big regression for Casey McGehee: .264/.325/.414 with 12 HR and 61 RBI
  • Better-than-expected seasons for Alcides Escobar and Carlos Gomez, two players whose offensive contributions will be in doubt: .282/.325/.380 for Escobar, .260/.324/.378 for Gomez

Regression for McGehee is probably to be expected, but that would be quite a fall for Casey, who’ll find out where he finished in the NL Rookie of the Year balloting tomorrow afternoon. We know we’re not going to get much plate discipline from Escobar and Gomez, but at least the projected batting averages indicate quite a few balls falling in for them. Hopefully both can prove the skeptics — myself being one of them — wrong while posting OBP’s north of .330 without the aid of high batting averages.