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More LaPorta.

I did a quick internetting and found some stuff on Matt LaPorta.
Re: LaPorta in the Outfield

Will Kimmey of Baseball America (link)

LaPorta said third was his favorite position, though he’s likely to spend more time at first this season. Some scouts like him in an outfield corner, while a small minority would like him to try catching as a pro.

Adam McCalvy
of milwaukeebrewers.com / mlb.com (link)

There was more to the Brewers’ surprising pick. The team immediately announced it intended to sign LaPorta quickly and move him to left field . . .
Boras’ agency granted the Brewers permission to work out LaPorta in left field at Class A Brevard County last week. It was orchestrated by Manatees hitting coach Ken Berry, who won two Gold Gloves as an outfielder during his 14-year Major League career, and Brewers scout Charles Aliano, who is responsible for central Florida.
“We’ve had assurances from our Minor League staff that saw him work out that this would be something that he could do,” Zduriencik said. “He’s a real bright kid, he has quick feet and an average throwing arm, and they felt that in a short period of time this kid could make the adjustment.”
LaPorta sounded ready to give it a try.
“I love playing in the outfield,” he said. “I played a little in my freshman year of college, and it’s fun out there.”

Brewers Scouting Director, Jack Zduriencik

We talked about it all week, that when we make this selection, some people are going to view it as a bombshell because he is going to a position that he hasn’t recently played. When the day is said and done, we think this guy can play left field. He’s going to be an average left fielder for us someday, and he’s going to bring us offense and power.

Kevin from SFdugout.com (link)

He’s a former catcher and third baseman, and his defense in recent years has been limited by injury more than anything.
One thing I’ve heard is what someone said to me, knowing I cover the Giants minor leaguers: He’s got a Martinez-Esteve like rep, and the rep is also not entirely earned, just like with Martinez-Esteve. LaPorta is a solid first baseman. He’s not a gold glover, but he does well and won’t butcher plays.

General Musings
Bryan Smith of Baseball Prospectus:

I wrote in my scouting director series that Jack Zduriencik likes big power, and that must have paved the way for this pick. They must have some belief that LaPorta can play left, but here’s my question: if you want an outfielder with plus power, does LaPorta really project better than Jason Heyward?

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prosepctus

Well, he’s certainly a much smaller risk [than Heyward], and the kind of guy who could come pretty quickly — LaPorta was in much better shape this year — but left field? Could be Kittle or Cust-esque out there.

Adam McCalvy of milwaukeebrewers.com / mlb.com (link)

The Brewers expect a similarly speedy negotiation with LaPorta, even though he is represented by agent Scott Boras.

MVN’s own E.J. Fagan (link)

LaPorta has a huge bat, but wasn’t expected to go earlier than 20ish due to his lack of athleticism and injury history. The Brewers really confounded me with that pick.

Jonathon Mayo, pre-draft at mlb.com (link)

The Brewers would love for one of the college arms to get to them like Moskos or Detwiler, and they’d even consider taking Nick Schmidt . . .

So I was right on with that then . . .
Bill Madden of the New York Daily News (link)

[The Yankees’] dream scenario would be for Florida’s slugging first baseman Matt LaPorta, who led the nation in on-base percentage, falling to them at 30 because he’s represented by Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras.

So I guess the kid moves to LF, provided we sign him. If not, we get pick #7a in 2008. To be honest, I’d rather have him pan out in LF. This could be huge. Boras better not screw this up for us.