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More on the Brewers’ upcoming roster moves

As of Monday morning, here’s what we’ve learned about any pending roster changes to add 1-2 starters to the rotation:

Any moves to add a starting pitcher will not involve the demotion of Mat Gamel, according to Anthony Witrado of JSOnline.com.  Gamel, who was originally called up to be the DH for Interleague games in AL parks, is now effectively taking over Rickie Weeks’ spot on the roster.  This also means that Gamel is now only going to be under the Brewers’ control throught the 2014 season.

The 25-man roster now stands at 12 pitchers and 13 positions players, so if 1-2 pitchers are added to the 25-man from AAA Nashville, it is likely that the first will be a pitcher; the second would probably be Dave Bush going on the DL.  Here, then, are my odds of what will happen:

Thursday Night Starter vs. the Twins:

3:2   Seth McClung

5:2   Mark DiFelice

6:1   Mike Burns (w/Chris Narveson being sent down)

8:1   Tim Dillard (w/Chris Narveson being sent down)

8:1   Dave Bush

Saturday Night Starter vs. the Giants:

3:1   Dave Bush

4:1   Mark DiFelice (assuming he does not pitch Thursday night)

5:1   Seth McClung (assuming he does not pitch Thursday night)

5:1   Mike Burns (assuming he does not pitch Thursday night)

8:1   Tim Dillard (assuming he does not pitch Thursday night)

9:1   Chris Cody (w/Narveson or someone else being sent down)


But it looks like at least one new starter this coming week…stay tuned!