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My 2010 Brewers’ prediction: Central champs plus visit to NLCS

The headline pretty much sums it up…I am predicting that the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers make the NLCS game.

The Brewers will win the NL Central by winning 10 more games in 2010 than they did in 2009, upping their record to 90-72.  How?  First, I think Randy Wolf will win 3-4 more games than Braden Looper did, and Yovani Gallardo will also win 2-3 more games this year than last…no, no multivariate regression analyses was done, nor Sabermetrics or any other statistics…just a pure hunch that these two guys alone should bring at least 5 more wins this season.

The other 5?  Oh, figure Rickie Weeks and Alcides Escobar will add a few more runs here and there when either Braun or Fielder homers…plus some other runs here and there, and you have it.

Oops…kid is calling…I’ll try to expand more later.