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My New Favorite Brewer, Obviously…

Go, Hank!!!

When Fox Sports Columnist, Rob Neyer, who has been burned by his own favorite small-market team, before, says he is now a fan of the Brewers, it is a big deal. And, it was because of his tweet that I'd found out, although I'm sure someone else would have brought it up. Whichever way I would have found out about it, it would be a big deal. Cheers to the Brewers, and to the little dog. Who gets a picture of himself drawn on this very site.

Also, I put "obviously" in the title, and, maybe I shouldn't have because it's probably not quite obvious to everyone that I think dogs are the best. Still, three cheers–and a fourth, and a fifth, even–for dogs! And, even though the Brewers were unquestionably already my favorite team, there's even more reason to celebrate!