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New Poll Question — How Many Do They Win?

After having our last poll question up for about a month, we find that most of you think 2010 will be Prince Fielder’s last in a Brewers uniform.  I figured it’s time for a new poll, so here goes.

How many games will this team win in 2010?

Simple, right?  Place your vote in the right-hand column of the home page, and we’ll see just how optimistic (or pessimistic) we are about the upcoming season.  Does hope really “spring attorney” while the team is training in Arizona?  Feel free to comment with how you voted, especially if you find that your vote is contrary to the popular opinion.

In other Brewers poll news, Brew Crew Ball has an awesome idea that I wish I had thought of first — a “tracking poll” that will measure how we feel about the team’s direction as fans.  I’ve always been a fan of stuff like this, namely Matthew Cerrone’s MetsBlog.com Fan Confidence Rating, complete with a graph that’s uglier than the Dow in 2008.  So, after you vote here, go ahead and check out the BCB poll.  I can’t wait to see the results over the next few months.