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No…Yuni B is Still as Yuni B as Ever.


Earlier today, Jim Breen / @JP_Breen – head writer at the wonderful Disciples of Uecker site and a contributor at fangraphs.com – asked fans, via twitter, if they thought Yuniesky Betancourt had "fundamentally changed as a player."

This question was asked in light of Betancourt's unexpected offensive contributions as an everyday player so far this season. For those who believe it has anything to do with a more disciplined approach at the plate:

"His 57.5% swing rate is the highest of his career. RT @Holmgren34 @JP_Breen He is much more patient. I'm a believer right now."

which is, in fact, almost identical to his swing rate of 57.4% in 2011.

Breen then goes on to add that Yuni is swinging at a career-high 43.7% of pitches outside the strike zone.

Looking back again at his 2011 season with the Brewers, Betancourt swung at 40.3% of pitches outside of the strike zone. Basically, we're watching the same guy.