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Nyjer Morgan Goes Zip-Lining

If you read Hardball Talk, you probably saw a story linked earlier today about the Mets being a little unhappy with pitcher R.A. Dickey scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro this offseason. They say they’ll void his contract if he gets hurt on the excursion.

Now, squabbles like this probably aren’t all that uncommon, and Brewers fans know a thing or two about offseason activities potentially having severe consequences. With the story in mind, though, it makes you wonder what Milwaukee management thinks about the photos Nyjer Morgan posted on his Facebook fan page earlier today: Morgan went zip-lining (and it looks like he still hasn’t figured out how to set the date on his camera).

Nyjer Morgan zip-lining

Nyjer Morgan zip-lining
Nyjer Morgan zip-lining

I’m sure it’s much safer than it looks, but if the Mets are upset about one of their starting pitchers scaling a mountain, I would have to imagine Brewers brass isn’t thrilled to see their starting centerfielder dangling in the air by a thread.

And yeah, I’d be too chicken to do this.