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On the Farm: Introducing the 2012 Nashville Sounds

It’s Opening Day for everyone of the teams in the Brewers organization, minus the big league crew of course, and that leaves us with a look at the triple-A club left on the docket for today.  The Nashville Sounds boast some of the best prospects in the Brewers system and the unanimous No. 1 prospect Willy Peralta will get things started for the Sounds tonight as they take on the New Orleans Zephyrs in the PCL opener.  Gametime is scheduled for 7:30pm Central.  

Starting tomorrow morning you’ll find a daily boxscore for all the minor league teams for your perusing pleasure with your morning beverage of choice.  I hope you’ll find it useful for keeping track of things in between bigger updates from me.

Unlike the last few previews there will be many more position players I’ll be keeping an eye on because their about an injury or two away from getting the call up to the Brewers and knowing what we could be getting with those call-up’s is huge.  So, let’s give you the roster and see who makes my list of players to watch.  

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
28 Brian Baker P R R 6′ 5″ 190 01-10-1983 Active No
26 Zach Braddock P L L 6′ 2″ 220 08-23-1987 Active Yes
31 Josh Butler P R R 6′ 5″ 205 12-11-1984 Active No
32 Vinnie Chulk P R R 6′ 2″ 200 12-19-1978 Active No
20 Michael Fiers P R R 6′ 3″ 195 06-15-1985 Active Yes
47 Victor Garate P L L 6′ 1″ 210 09-25-1984 Active No
23 Donovan Hand P R R 6′ 4″ 210 04-20-1986 Active No
14 Mike McClendon P R R 6′ 5″ 225 04-03-1985 Active Yes
38 Seth McClung P L R 6′ 6″ 280 02-07-1981 Active No
35 Daniel Meadows P L L 6′ 6″ 220 11-03-1987 Active No
36 Wily Peralta P R R 6′ 2″ 240 05-08-1989 Active Yes
27 Juan Perez P R L 6′ 0″ 170 09-03-1978 Active No
46 Amaury Rivas P R R 6′ 2″ 215 12-20-1985 Active No

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
17 Dayton Buller C R R 6′ 0″ 190 06-22-1981 Active No
12 Martin Maldonado C R R 6′ 1″ 225 08-16-1986 Active Yes
25 Paul Phillips C R R 5′ 11″ 200 04-15-1977 Active No

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
13 Erick Almonte SS R R 6′ 2″ 245 02-01-1978 Active No
5 Eric Farris 2B R R 5′ 9″ 180 03-03-1986 Active Yes
3 Taylor Green 3B L R 5′ 11″ 195 11-02-1986 Active Yes
44 Sean Halton 1B R R 6′ 5″ 265 06-07-1987 Active No
33 Edwin Maysonet SS R R 6′ 1″ 180 10-17-1981 Active No
4 Hainley Statia SS S R 5′ 10″ 180 01-19-1986 Active No

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
15 Caleb Gindl RF L L 5′ 9″ 205 08-31-1988 Active Yes
11 Corey Patterson OF L R 5′ 10″ 180 08-13-1979 Active No
22 Logan Schafer CF L L 6′ 1″ 180 09-08-1986 Active Yes

Players I’m Watching: 

This is going to be a bit of a longer list, so bare with me!

OF Caleb Gindl
He had a very good Spring Training and should Corey Hart go down it may come down to another outfielder and him but it’s also a case of managing need versus options with Gindl having a bit more in terms of flexibility in the options category.  He’s clearly big league ready, but a gluttony of very good outfielders on the Brewers roster prevented him from earning a spot.  If he has a good season this year he very well could be on the major league roster come 2013.

OF Logan Schafer
Schafer was the other outfielder competing with Gindl and with the platoon situation between Morgan and Gomez probably not lasting beyond this season he could be getting a long look from the big league club, so I’ll be interested to see how he shows at the triple-A level.

SS Edwin Maysonet
A lot of people assume if something happens to a middle infielder they’ll bring up Conrad, but Maysonet could be the option if he’s showing well and he did just that this spring training.  He’s one that may only have a single option left, so if that’s the case it may play in to him getting on the big league roster until September.  

3B Taylor Green
He’s someone I’m watching because he could very well be the option as the backup corner infielder next season.  He’ll need to continue his progress at the plate and his defense is good enough at this point to be at the Major League level, so keeping an eye on his bat will be my focus.

C Martin Maldonado
He’s the closest thing to a homegrown prospect on the roster and if there’s an injury to Kottaras or Lucroy he’ll be getting the call.  He absolutely raked it at the plate in his 39 games of action with Nashville last year (.321 batting average, 8HR, 25RBI’s) and needs to just get a bit quicker with his throw to 2nd in my opinion.  If he bats well and plays plus defense behind the plate it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in the Brewers plans for the 2013 season so I’ll be keeping an eye on him big time.

P Zach Braddock
He lost out on a spot in the Brewers bullpen and I’ll be watching to see if he picks his command and velocity back up at Nashville.  Clearly something has been going on with him from his poor showing in Spring Training, so watching to see if he can be counted on as someone dependable down the road in the rotation will be a key.  Imagining a flame-throwing trio of Braddock, K-Rod, and Axford in the future is mouth watering, but Braddock needs to prove he can be consistent to earn that kind of status and could be one of the first guys called up should someone go on an extended trip to the DL out of the bullpen.

As always, think I missed someone to be watching or want to know more about a specific player with the Sounds?  Let me know in the comments section and we’ll get it up for you.