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Parra struggles and gets sent down to Nashville

Wow, that was fast.

Reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live skit (the one where Fran Tarkenton thought he would be canceled as the host of SNL after a Super Bowl loss…before revealing he “was told at halftime”), Manny Parra gave up six hits in the 2nd, only to get the hook and take a shower, before finding Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin in the clubhouse telling him he needed to pack for Nashville instead of Cleveland to work with Sounds’ pitching coach and former Brewer pitcher Chris Bosio to work on his command and confidence.

Left-handed reliever Chris Narveson was called up to take his spot on the 25-man, but his time on the Crew may be limited to just two weeks.  With the day off on Thursday–Parra’s slot in the rotation–and another next Monday, the Brewers will not need a 5th starter until Saturday the 27th.  So adding Narveson will mean an extra arm in the bullpen to spell the starters, and give time to decide whether to bring Parra back as the 5th starter after a start in Nashville, or to give one of the other starters a chance.  Parra could get two starts in Nashville and still pitch on the 27th–on Thursday, the 18th, and then on Tuesday, the 23rd, but then he’d have to go on just three days rest.  Mike Burns, Tim Dillard and Chris Cody are no doubt being considered for the start on the 27th as well.